The process of ensuring that we are in the most appropriate mood for the situation begins with simply knowing what mood we are in at a given moment. However, few of us stop to assess our mood during the course of the day; we are often influenced by our mood without being consciously aware of it. Moodism is about pioneering a new kind of mood swing—a planned one A mood swing that occurs when we realize we are not in the right mood, and that our mood is negatively influencing our interactions with those we encounter. Instead of letting your mood control you, you can manage and control your moods so you put unhelpful moods behind you and generate moods that allow you to be successful. We might want to swing from the cheerful mood we gained from talking with our children to a tough-minded mood for our upcoming business meeting. Moodism is about intentionally changing our mood so we are in the right mood for the situation.

All the possible techniques for Moodism have one of two possible goals: to get us out of the mood we are in, or get us into the mood in which we want to be. The variety of ways to change your mood is unlimited & unknown.

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