Mood Team

Jay brings passion, enthusiasm, and excitement to all that he encounters—from idea conception to tangible fruition—but mostly to his interaction with people from every walk of life. These qualities have led him down the path of continuous discovery – discovery of self, discovery of others, discovery of the emotional impact that is possible to have on one another. He believes that everyone can have a more productive and efficient life through emotional connectivity.

Jay is a MOODIST and also a strategic planner, a business owner, consultant and a not too shabby of a cook. His successes are directly related to his interaction with people in and of many countries and on several continents, utilizing varying approaches while effecting optimal interpersonal relationships among them: people of varying cultures, people from all walks of life, people with diverse expectations and mindsets.

Moodism is an outgrowth of these specific experiences and of all the trials, errors, and learning gleaned from those interactions along the way.

“Throughout my life, I have been influenced by many friends, teachers, acquaintances, and my mother. Mom is highly educated, a fearless teacher, and someone who believes in keeping your options and relationships open. Her ideas continue to resonate, and although there is much I yet fear, I think embracing the concept of being fearless, has allowed me to have unlimited opportunities.

When we are not willing to break through the walls and barriers we face in daily life, we can’t possibly discover all that we are capable of enjoying and all the heights we can scale. Perhaps the greatest remaining of my fears is that of unfulfilled potential, both for myself and for the people I cherish. Exploring Moodism has been a giant step toward conquering this fear, and I want to share it with you.”

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